Tuesday, November 18, 2008

our trip to england - 2008

couldn't sleep (4:00 am), so here i am working on the blog.
these are just a handful of the photos we took on our trip. i took about 800 out of which about 250 were blurry beacuse they were taken while moving on very narrow roads and no where to pull over to take pictures. so i feel lucky to have any that worked. but it was so much fun and we especially enjoyed being with our families there!

1. the first measurable snow (3-4 inches) in london area since 1934 fell the day before we landed, 2. a gathering at the herpenden hotel with friends and neighbors after uncle frank's funeral.

1. shopping in chelmsford on rememberance day - like our veterans day, 2. lunch with richard, hilary, matthew, amy & stephan (not in the photo), 3. billion dollar mall in manchester with lots of glass, marble and gold leafing - over 1 mile long, 4. lake windemere in the lake district, 5. beatrix potter's home in the lake district (close to windemere).

1 & 2. the pier and a gigantic roller coster at blackpool - a famous seaside resort, 3. the preston temple, 4 & 5. albert dock in liverpool with a statue donated by the church commemorating the 9 million emmigrants that left for the new world.

1. entering wales - reading signs in welsh galic 2. a castle built into the mountain overlooking colwyn bay 3. conwy castle built in the 1200's 4. conwy with its walled city, 5. the gate into caernarfon castle walled city - the street our b&b was on.

1. caernarfon castle in wales, 2, 3, 4 & 5. snowdonia national park area in northern wales (#5 was taken with my arm out of the car window aimed backward while driving with no idea if i was capturing what i wanted - my proudest shot).

1 & 2. llangollen - a beautiful place in wales, 3, 4 & 5. cambridge university.

1. beautiful colors at cambridge university, 2. jared in the futter kitchen after his stagg party where they dressed him up as proton man, 3. freezing cold ward bbq with fireworks to celebrate guy faux day, 4. the bride and groom femka and jared.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so today i ran across something so cute!! what do you think of this adorable mini-huskie puppy? he looks like wolfie did when he was a baby. i'm almost tempted to get one.

home show booth

so here's the latest on the home show booth. everyone seemed to love the lights and by the end of the three days, all the cabinet companies there (about 7) had approached dad and wanted his stuff displayed in their cabinets... which they would then promote. pretty cool! so we feel like it was worth the effort and hope it will start to pay off soon. we had 27 linear feet of "linearstars" running off of less than the 75watts it would take to power the regular light bulb. most people were pretty impressed. i did close ups, but they turned out a bit blurred so these are the best photos.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


here is the last of our purchases for decorating. new lamps and tables... yea!!! so now all we have to wait for is the crown mold (perhaps in about 6 months... when dad is able to get to them). but overall, we're pretty happy with the finish look.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

sept 08

finally! in august we went to my cousin, ron louw's house for a little family reunion. so here are some of the photos. from top to bottom: marilyn with erik dunne and wife cheryl and family - jareth dunne & wife lori with family - kevin & son christian - irene and jim richardson with family - the troskie side - cousin ron (louw) & wife carol - daughter rachelle and husband tim pew with family - son keith and almost wife amber - cousin marlene (louw) and husband keith orr - daughter cindy (orr) & husband grant ortland most of family - son jeff orr & wife marianne with most of family - cousin bev louw (artist) - cousin brian louw & wife leslie - daughter heidi (louw) with family.